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How Hookup... Go To The Movies. Outside.

Going to the movie theater, dinner and a movie, snuggling in front of the TV...a movie is the world's go-to date. Now there's a new way to win points with a twist on an old standby: every Wednesday this summer, Hudson River Park will be showing a flick.

Think of it like a drive in, but for a city of people who don't have cars. Walk in -- it's free -- with a date on one arm and a picnic blanket under the other. Snag some popcorn gratis before settling in to watch one of last year's best blockbusters. This year's rosters includes The Proposal, District 9, Julie & Julia, and more -- your first compatibility test will be agreeing on a title.
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Hudson River Park's RiverFlicks for Grown-ups
Pier 54, by 14th Street
Wednesdays at dusk (around 8:30pm)


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