Having sex with someone you like is great — sleeping with them is a whole different story. There isn’t enough room. Your arm falls asleep under them. Your elbow is squashed uncomfortably under you if you turn to face them, which you have to because there isn’t enough room for your usual starfish sleeping position. It’s enough to make you yearn for the chaste “twin bed” sleeping arrangements of 1950s television shows.

But there is hope — maybe. There’s a new “love mattress” designed especially for cuddling, with movable foam flats that can allow room for someone’s shoulders or arm.

There’s no sign of the mattress ever actually being put to production, which is fine: it doesn’t look particularly comfortable, and it seems like you’d just forever get caught between the slats.

Still: it’s a step in the right direction, bringing us one step closer to a viable solution to cricked necks and uncomfortable nights of co-sleeping.