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The Finger Snapper

Today, an email from “Jane,” 22.

“I’m a bit of a late bloomer, and I’ve never slept with anyone but my current boyfriend. Actually, I’d never really hooked up with anyone before, period (as in, beyond making out).

Anyway, my boyfriend gets really into sex (as I imagine most guys do!), and when he ejaculates — whether from sex or a bj — he…um…snaps his fingers. Not in like an Addams Family way, but in like a “I have no control over what my extremities are doing right now” sort of way.

Is this weird? It doesn’t bother me — I’m glad he’s so into it — but I’m really curious if other people have experienced the same.”

We Say:

Jane, we’re pretty liberal here at HowHookup. We hesitate to call any sort of sexual proclivity “weird,” because we feel its important for people to feel comfortable and open in bed. And obviously, outbursts of some sort, either physical or vocal, are natural during sex — crying, cursing, laughing, biting, etc.

That having been said….

…we think the finger snapping is kind of weird.

Not bad weird! Not harmful weird! Not even “omg you should get away from this guy weird.”

Just….uncommon. We’ve never heard of that before. You are not weird for thinking that snapping is weird.

Hope that helped!

Tell us what you think, readers. Have any of you ever run into a finger snapper?


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