With the cornucopia of sex services that are available on the internet these days, the line between looking at porn and cyber sex can get pretty blurry. One minute you’re watching some harmless clip and the next you are BREAKING A SACRED BOND OF TRUST.

Is chatting with a naked stranger on a web cam cheating? What if she’s a professional? What if you just happen upon them on chat roulette?! What about if it’s text only with a total stranger that you’re never going to meet in real life? Does it depend on the specific content of the conversation?

How do you know for sure when it’s cheating?

We’re interested in what the consensus is on this, so we’re putting it to a poll. Do you think cyber sex is cheating? Is there any gray area at all? Do people actually still call it “cyber sex?” Weigh in below to find out how your answers compare with others.

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