Today in horrible things the Internet really doesn’t need: is a new site which allows you to list everyone in your solodex. Then, you can set up an alert to see who’s listed you in theirs.

Awful, right?

Maybe this is a gender thing (I am a girl) but why would you ever, ever want to know such a thing? Sure, it might be flattering to think that there’s a chance you’re in your crush’s solodex. But is your crush really going to log on to and list his fantasies? No. The really really really creepy guy who sometimes worked the same shift as you when you were a barista in college would.

And if you could magically know who thinks about you while…you know…, without their signing up for some horrific website, even then, would you really want to know?

I think, like in so many issues surrounding love and romance, it’s flattering if you already like or are attracted to the person, and flattering if you’re not. So best keep these things private.


[, via Jezebel]

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