Fact: guys complain about condoms. A lot. Some might even go so far as to protest that they can’t have sex with condoms. Which is really just too bad for them, because condoms are pretty much a non-negotiable necessity in most sexual scenarios.

Thankfully, the development of Viagra and other “performance enhancing” pills has made life infinitely easier for men who want to practice safe sex. Now, a new British biotech company has just developed a condom that will make sex even easier.

The CSD500, more commonly known as the Viagra condom, not only protects against STDs and unwanted pregnancy, but also against flaccidity that often accompanies covering a sexual organ with plastic.

The condom is coated on the inside with a “vasodilating gel” (ew.) which increases blood flow to the penis and helps maintain erections. This isn’t being marketed so much to men who can’t get an erection, but rather men who lose it once they slip on birth control.

So, sure, the “vasodilating gel” might get a little icky, and sure, we still probably have a way to go in the creation of an effective and safe birth control that doesn’t at all minimize pleasure for either men or women.

But one small step for condoms, one giant step for Mankind, right?

The CSD500 has been licensed to Durex and may be on the market within the next year.


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