Yesterday, we asked for readers to fill in the blank: “I Would Never Date Someone Who Didn’t Own A ____.” We got a lot of interesting and varied answers to this question! Here are a few of our favorites:

“Pair of dress shoes.”

“Facebook account.”

“A car or a plant!! It shows responsibility and being able to take care of things.”

“A car, suit, passport or vacum.”

” A nice wardrobe. As a guy you need to know a woman can get dressed for events. So a nice dress and some great shoes. But I live in NY and a book, bicycle and a cellphone doesn’t hurt either.”

“Their own pool stick!”

“Toothbrush. True story. Never again.”

“Q-tips or fingernail clippers!”

“A television. More specifically, a TV show. Must love at least one show so much that she will take “ownership” of the show.”

“Smart phone.”

“A tv. I want a guy that watches sports and has a big TV for the NFL and MLB!”

“A coffee maker.”

What would you add to the list?


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