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And now — here’s a Someecard for every stage of your relationship.

End Of Summer. Time To Find Someone Serious.

Finding Someone Online

Deciding To Meet In Person For The First Time

Pre-Date Jitters

The First Date

Relief Upon First Sight

The Follow-Up Email

Waiting For Their Response

Googling The Person

Drinking Too Much And Oversharing On The Second Date

The First Time You Have Sex

Some Initial Awkwardness…

Internal Hallelujah Chorus

Casually Telling Your Friends And Co-Workers All About It

The First “Just Calling To Say Hi” Conversation

The First “Where Do We Stand?” Talk

Moving Past The “Lust” Stage

The Second “Where Do We Stand?” Talk

The “Everyone Is Jealous Of Us” Period

Early Disillusionment

Trouble In Paradise

Realizing It’s Over

Breaking Up On Facebook

The Immediate Aftermath

The First Pictures Tagged That Don’t Include You

The Annoying Advice From Your Friends/Mother

Realizing There ARE Other Fish In The Sea

Starting All Over Again…