I used to have a works-every-time signature move on dates. It never failed me.

Usually, within the course of first-date conversation, we’d talk about text messaging. Retrospectively, this sounds boring and lame, but I promise it was more natural and cute at the time.

I would say something along the lines of “I’m actually a really good texter. Like, really good.” And he would respond with either genuine laughter or mere polite laughter, because that was a really weird thing to say.

And then conversation would drift elsewhere, and we’d order another glass of wine, and maybe another after that. Then, after sufficient time had passed, I slyly reach under the table and grab — I see where you think this is going, and it’s not there — my cellphone. (Not a smart phone, but a plain old cell.)

While maintaining eye contact with the guy, and never letting myself slip from full concentration on the conversation at hand, I would use my right hand to text him a message, keeping my left hand on the table.

I’d usually catch him mid-sentence.

“Excuse me,” he’d say, checking his phone, only to look down and see the message was from me. And then he’d be incredulous.

Looking back, again, it seems like such a silly little party trick — but it worked for me time and again, and I had a guy once tell me that it was at that particular point in the date that he really started to like me.

The trouble is, technology has evolved faster than my “signature move.” I can’t secretly text like that on a touchscreen, so it’s time to replace it with something else. I guess you could say I’m “Signature Move” shopping.

Giuliana Rancic’s signature move is to secretly pay the bill halfway through the second date, without letting on until the date asks for the check and is informed it’s already been taken care of.

My friend “Kevin” has a signature move that he swears by: if he likes a girl, he’ll text her with the simple but alluring message: “I just saw your twin!” He claims that it lets a girl know that he’s subliminally thinking of her. If the girl responds with a simple “haha weird”, he’ll know she isn’t interested, but if she uses it to start a flirty conversation and is eager to hear details, he knows he can ask her out.

A good signature move is playful, somewhat interactive, and most importantly will somehow surprise your date. On a subliminal level, it shows your date that life together wouldn’t be boring, that you’d keep him or her on their feet, and that’s attractive.

So tell me, what’s your fail-proof signature move? Got anything that’s worked for you in the past? Let me know!