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How Hookup... Observe the Dark Side of Poetry

Maybe you're a poet but your date doesn't know it. Take some advice: leave the poetry to the professionals - or at least take your date to tonight's "B is for Bad Poetry" reading at KGB bar before trying your own hand at "Roses are red..." (or a gem like this):

The bar is home to the artsy literary types who love the written verse, so if your date does too, you're in luck. If not, don't fret -- the two of you will still have fun because the reading is guaranteed to make you laugh. With readings from Pamela August Russel ( author of B is for Bad Poetry), Melissa Broder (When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother) and more, you'll have enough info to put things in perspective - or pick up a few tips.
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B is for Bad Poetry - An Evening of Humorous Verse
85 E. 4th Street
7 pm

"Nietzsche And The Ice-Cream Truck" excerpt from B is for Bad Poetry by Pamela August Russell (Sterling, 2020)


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