I’ve already written about how GChat is the worst thing you can do in a new relationship. Now, GChat is ruining things before the relationship even starts.

I have a first date next week, a whole seven days away. This date was mostly arranged via email, and required a fair amount of back and forth. (“What day works for you?” “How’s this restaurant?” “I get off work at 6, you?”, etc. etc.)

After all the planning was done, I marked the date in the calendar and didn’t think about it again.

This morning, however, when I signed on to gmail, one of the first names in my GChat box was “DATE’S NAME”, with a little green button next to it. I certainly did not add him to my chat. GChat did.

This is someone that I don’t even really know.
This is someone I won’t be even going on a date with for another week.
This is someone that, if the date doesn’t go well, I will never have reason to communicate with again, much less chat with during the day.

And yet, now, despite knowing very little about each other, for the next 7 days I’ll see when he’s online, and when he’s offline, and have his name in front of my eyes whenever I send an email, and possibly, god forbid, accidentally click on HIS name when I meant to click on the person above. (It’s happened.)

Say the date does go well? Then the next morning, when I sign on to GChat at work, will it be awkward to not talk to him?

God damnit, GChat, I am not ready for that level of intimacy!

It’s one of the features I most hate about GChat: the fact that x amount of back and forth exchanges will automatically add someone to your chat list means that interspersed with my actual friends are, for instance, people I bought furniture from on Craigslist.

This much seems obvious: GChat is one app that won’t help your dating life.

Update: OK, so turns out you can turn this feature off.

Mail Settings >> Chat >> “Only allow people that I’ve explicitly approved to chat with me and see when I’m online.”

But I still maintain that Gchatting is one of the worst things you can do in a new relationship.

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