Fashion’s Night Out, the most magical night of the year — for you. It’s possible your date is entirely less enchanted with things.

If you’re determined to share your delight in fashion, but at the same time don’t want to bore your date to tears, here are 5 pre-approved Fashion’s Night Out date ideas, which will be fun for fashion fiends and victims alike.

1. Hester Street Fair at Henri Bendel

The Hester Street Fair, which takes place every Saturday in the Lower East Side, is relocating for one night only to Henri Bendel. Hester Street Fair is known for its food vendors, and 17 have signed up to sell their wares on Thursday, alongside local artisans, craftsmen, and other peddlers.

Normally, any event at a large department store on Fashion’s Night Out would make a disastrous date idea — far too crowded and hectic. But the Hester Street Fair at Bendel’s opens at 3 pm, so you can run up, check it out, sample some food, and then get the hell out of midtown before the masses. [via]

2. Vane FNO Event

Vane isn’t so super fashion-y, aka the stuff is still accessible to someone who doesn’t follow the industry. Anyone who signs in on Foursquare gets 20% off, and sandwiches are being provided by Tiny’s Sandwich Shop. A cool, low-key event which might make for a great break in your hectic night. [Vane]

3. Dolce and Gabbana FNO

Okay, one last option in midtown: the theme of Dolce and Gabbana’s Fashion’s Night Out event is “Passion Duo”"…not bad for a date idea, eh? Make-up artists for ladies and “grooming stations” for men will be available throughout, as well as a celebrity photographer on hand to take portraits. Might as well document the fact that you’re the hottest couple around, no? [Dolce & Gabbana]

4. GANT Rugger

GANT Rugger is like GANT’s funkier little brother. The clothes are hipper and way more casual than GANT — think soft t-shirts and flannels. The SoHo Store is having a FNO event, which will probably be as low-key as the collection itself, but they are giving away some sweet prizes. An insider also tells me they’ll have beer, though that hasn’t been confirmed officially.

5. Scoop NYC Blockparty

Zac Posen for you, DJ Jus Ske for your date. Birchbox for you, food vendors for your date. $25 gift certificate to Scoop for you, outdoor drinking, one last time this summer, for your date. Seems like a fair trade-off. [Scoop]