1. Kiss a stranger
2. Kiss your reflection in the mirror
3. Kiss a stranger’s reflection in the mirror
4. One-up the “Free Hugs” set
5. Reflect on the fact that a Hershey’s Kiss fits perfectly into your puckered lips (Try it!)
6. Wear KISS makeup (bonus points for going Peter Criss “Catman”)
7. Take a boat ride and kiss the ground dramatically when you reach the shore
8. Kiss someone’s eyelids (like Jordan Catalano did that one time, as if you don’t remember)
9. Kiss someone hello on both cheeks like the French people do
10. Kiss a photo of your celebrity crush like you’re 11 years old
11. Meet someone for a long kiss on a crowded train platform
12. Grab someone by the face and kiss them like you mean it
13. Kiss someone so softly your lips are barely touching
14. Kiss whoever you’re sitting next to in the car when you go under a bridge or through a yellow light.
15. Make a Hall and Oates style list of “the best things in life” and put “your kiss” on it
16. Actually play Spin the Bottle (instead of just talking about how it would be funny if you did)
17. Make a list of everyone you’ve ever kissed
18. Make a list of everyone you’ve ever wanted to kiss and didn’t…
19. … then go kiss one of those people (Disclaimer: This could be a terrible idea)
20. Let whoever you’re kissing now know what a good kisser they are
21. “Practice” kissing on your hand or a pillow like you used to before you’d ever actually kissed anyone
22. Exchange first kiss stories with someone
23. Exchange best kiss stories with someone
24. Exchange worst kiss stories with someone
25. Do an upside down Spider-Man kiss with someone (Be super careful, you guys.)
26. Kiss someone on a spot that they’ve never been kissed on
27. Use “S.W.A.K.” as your email sign-off
28. Make a playlist of as many songs with the word “kiss” in the title as you can think of
29. Kiss someone with ice in your mouth
30. Stand in a high foot traffic area, close your eyes, pucker up and see what happens
31. Set up a charity kissing booth (Has anyone actually ever done that in real life?)
32. Kiss someone on the hand when you meet them, all gentleman-like
33. Put on your reddest lipstick and leave a kiss mark on someone’s cheek
34. See how long you can just kiss someone before taking it further
35. Dip someone and give them a full-on Hollywood Screen Kiss
36. Eskimo kiss someone
37. Kiss a boo-boo for someone
38. Kiss in a location you’ve never kissed in before
39. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar on your lips and kiss someone… sweetly. (Sorry.)
40. Dress up all fancy and kiss someone on a balcony
41. Kiss someone at the top of a ferris wheel
42. Blow a kiss to someone from across the room
43. Shave your face completely smooth for once so you don’t scratch whoever you’re kissing up with your stubble
44. Tell someone to “shut up and kiss” you
45. Kiss someone with your eyes open to see what they look like
46. Grab someone by the tie and kiss them right on the mouth
47. Kiss a baby like you’re on the campaign trail
48. Invent a new kind of kiss and come up with a name for it (You can’t use “The Mickey Mouth” cuz that one’s mine.)
49. Try to kiss your elbow (Make sure someone’s ready with their camera to capture how awesome you look)
50. Make sure that you pester everyone you know into celebrating this awesome and largely unobserved holiday.


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