If you’re still in the camp of “phone calls over text messages,” the results of a new study by Cornell University might change your mind…

Researches asked students to keep a diary of all their conversations, recording the medium of the conversation and the number of lies or mistruths told per conversation. Using this information, researchers calculated the percentage of lies told based on the medium.

Email: 14%
Text: 21%
In Person: 27%
Telephone: 37%

Take that, people who say that texting and emailing is impersonal! According to the lead researcher, one hypothesis is that people are too scared to lie over email because there’s then a written record of the lie.

Another explanation (and one that makes sense, if you think about phone calls in relation to dating) is that the immediate reaction of person you’re conversing with via phone puts pressure on people to say what the other person wants to hear — even if it’s not strictly the truth. (This is why it’s easier for people to break up via text — not that we condone that.)