A recent Date Report survey revealed that 70% of our readers think that cyber sex is the same as cheating. Hopefully, the 30% who disagree aren’t in relationships with them.

While 25% of respondents draw the line at physical contact, the overwhelming majority feel that even an exchange of words that are sexual in nature, typed on a computer screen, is a betrayal.

Only 5% of respondents made any distinction between video and text only chat and no one made any distinction between cyber sex with professionals or… peers.

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What’s alarming about this is that the line between porn and “sex cam sites” can be awfully blurry. At what point does it become cheating? Is it okay to watch a person who’s not your partner engaging in sexual acts as long as it’s not happening live? Does it become cheating when you chat with them, or is it cheating as soon as you start watching? Would the same people who consider cyber sex to be cheating say the same about going to a strip club — a situation in which there is usually actual physical sexual contact?

While some acts (i.e. sexual intercourse with a person other than your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend) are obviously and universally considered cheating, others allow for more interpretation. This seems to suggest that it’s important to have a conversation with your partner about what cheating means to both of you individually and to be sure that you agree.

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Otherwise, due in part to advances in technology, you could end up cheating without even realizing it.

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