Bianca Caampued is no stranger to cameras: as one half of Small Girls PR, she’s used to being snapped at parties and events all around town. But next Monday, September 19th, we’re pushing Bianca’s boundaries even further. As part of our next DateCam couple, we’re setting her up on a blind date and Livestreaming it on the Internet. After all, as she says below, even she’s curious about what she’s like on a date.

Below, meet Bianca. We’ll also be debuting a drinking game for all you at-home players later this week — RSVP on Facebook to get the first scoop and tune in Monday night at 8 pm for the big event!

The Date Details

Who: Bianca Caampued and James Sobol
(Check back tomorrow when we announce Bianca’s date!)

When: Monday, September 19th at 8:00 pm.

The Date: “How Hookup… sample whiskey cocktails at White Star on Essex Street.”

Featuring live commentary by: Mallory Blair (“Her Best Friend”), Nick and Sam Corey (“His Best Friends”), Rick Webb (“Her Mentor”),Lauren Leto and Patrick Moberg of Bnter, commenting on the first date banter, and Thomas Edwards, The Professional Wingman, weighing in on body language.

Meet Bianca

Where are you from?
Originally from the Philippines, but grew up in South Jersey. There. Glad we covered that. The first question anyone ever asks me is if I’m Filipino. Now we can stop talking about it.

What was your first date like?
Like, date date? I can’t remember first date ever. I do however remember the first date I had with my first actual serious boyfriend. It involved going to a coffee shop, then going to the beach at night and talking while watching the waves … also there may have been a lot George Michael playing in the car, from his “For the Heart” compilation album. So cheesy, but my HS self was SO into it.

What was the best date you’ve ever been on?
I once spent an entire day at the Natural History Museum dancing around… that was the best day of my life, and I guess since my bf at the time took me that would qualify as a date?

How do you feel about dating “on camera?”
Well, I like dating and I like cameras, so I think this is probably a win/win kind of thing. Also, it saves me the trouble of giving my friends the “date report” the next day. Also, I’ve always been curious myself as to what I’m like on a date.

Who is going to be watching the date and commenting on your behalf?
Mallory Blair who is my Small Girls PR business partner and also my “girlfriend,” because we are practically dating. We spend every waking minute together. She’s the last person I text at night and I’m the first person she calls in the morning. Mallory usually gets ALL the deets about all the boys and all the dates I’ve been on. She’s also been a witness to dates I’ve had IRL.

Rick Webb is one of my favorite people. I chat with him about a multitude of things — business related, life related, boy related. I sometimes like to refer to him as my ‘mentor.’

I’m actually also REALLY excited that Bnter is commenting on the date. Also, Lauren [Leto] and Pmo [Patrick Moberg] work out of the same co-working space as me. So they too have heard many a dating story. Now they get to be a part of one.

What’s your pre-date ritual?
I excitedly talk to Mallory about the date all day before the date, and incessantly go through pictures of boy I’m going on said date with, on the internet. For the most part the date is probably with a musician, so watching music videos all day of boy I’m going on said date with’s band is also generally involved. Music Videos > Photos, IMO.

So who is Bianca going on a date with? Check back tomorrow to find out! And remember to watch DateCam next Monday at 8:00 pm ET!

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