Ever wanted to see how other people act on blind dates? This Monday is your chance. We’re sending two twenty-something New Yorkers on a blind date, and livestreaming the entire thing on the internet, so you can watch (and chat!) along at home.

Bianca, a PR whiz, and James, a graphic designer, are going on a date on Monday, September 19th, at White Star Bar in New York’s Lower East Side. Will they have chemistry? Will they have anything in common? Will it be a match?

Tune in to see, and play along with the would-be couple with the DateCam Drinking Game!


Here’s how it works:

Tune in at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, September 19 to watch the date streaming live on the Date Report (and join the live chat). Be sure to have your favorite adult beverage on hand (the couple will be drinking whiskey, for the purists out there), and pay close attention.

Or, if you’re in NYC, come to the viewing party at Destination Bar at 8 p.m. Monday night, where you can watch the date unfold with a crowd while enjoying drink specials and a homemade Mac N’Cheese bar.

And don’t forget to follow @HowHookup on Twitter for our live commentary — tag your tweets #datecam and we’ll retweet you!

The DateCam Drinking Game

If you’re a guy — drink when James drinks.

If you’re a girl — drink when Bianca drinks.

When they, inevitably, talk about work — take a sip if you like your job, take two if you don’t.

When they, inevitably, talk about where they grew up — take a sip and fist pump when Bianca says “Jersey”, and a nondescript sip of beer when James says “Connecticut.”

When they, inevitably, talk about what schools they went to — chug like you did when you were in college.

If they discover they have a friend in common — say the friend’s name out loud and drink to them, “Bill Brasky” style.

If either one asks “How many brothers and sisters do you have?” drink for as many seconds as they each have siblings.

If either one asks “So… What do you do for fun?” — take a big gulp.

If they discover a common interest — say “Common Interest!” then cheers your neighbor and take a drink.

If there’s an awkward silence — look at the floor and drink until it’s over.

If they move in a little closer to each other — everybody say “ooooooooo!” and drink.

If either of them addresses someone in the audience directly — say “Hi, (Person’s Name)!” then drink

If they talk about sex at all — everybody make the “bow-chikka-wown-wow” porn music noise and drink.

If either of them checks/plays with their phone — tweet “PUT THE PHONE DOWN @HowHookup #datecam” and drink.

If either of them mentions Facebook — change your status to “I’m watching the HowHookup DateCam livestreamed blind date…and they’re talking about Facebook right now” raise your glasses “To Mark Zuckerberg!”

If either of them mentions Twitter — tweet “BOTTOMS UP @HowHookup #datecam” and drink heartily.

If Bianca mentions Bnter — Bnter whatever she said immediately, then drink.

If either of them mentions Ryan Gosling — say “Hey girl,” and take a sip.

If Ryan Gosling actually comes into the bar and stops an argument between the couple — drink your entire drink, and buy him one.

Read our pre-date interview with Bianca here
Read our pre-date interview with James here


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