5 Perks Of Dating An Actor

1. Usually always willing to see a movie or a play — often can get free or cheap tickets.

2. If they’re successful: money, travel, premieres, parties, and the high life.

3. If they’re not successful: flexible schedule (because they need to take time off for auditions, etc.), can stay out late on weeknights.

4. Entertaining, funny, creative, and empathetic. Actors are usually the least judgemental people in the world, completely liberal, and fun-loving.

5. Often very good looking, or very talented, or, if you’re lucky, both.

5 Downsides To Dating An Actor

1. Constant rejection and criticism from professional life means they need constant praise and validation from you.

2. Will sometimes need to drop everything for a last-minute audition. Crazy work schedule if they ever have to shoot something/rehearse a play.

3. Will obsess over their body and voice, spending entire days at the gym or on “vocal rest.”

4. Will rehearse sides for auditions — loudly — wherever they can, without being a bit self-conscious, and this will make you uncomfortable.

5. Life with an actor is a roller-coaster of highs and lows, and if you date one, you’re along for the ride.

Reading List

1. An Actor Prepares, by Constantin Stanislavsky
Because preparing for a role, and preparing for a date, aren’t so different, when you think about it.

2. Confessions Of An Actor: An Autobiography Of Laurence Olivier
Because among his confessions: infidelity and a wandering eye. Be warned!

3. A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams
Because every girl sees herself as a Blanche, and every guy sees himself as a Stanley.

4. Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? by Edward Albee
Because this is what your relationship might eventually turn into.

5. Reject Me – I Love It!: 21 Secrets for Turning Rejection into Direction
Because actors are so used to rejection and criticism that they cease to take it personally, and might treat you like you’re the same way.

Watch List

1. Shakespeare In Love, 2020
Because actors naturally get turned on by role-play.

2. Mommy Dearest, 2020
Because you should maybe think twice before having children with actors.

3. CAMP, 2020
Because you need to understand why everyone, male and female alike, will fall in love with that one straight actor in the cast.

4. Gypsy, 2020
Because you’re going to have to deal with his/her mother.

5. Waiting For Guffman, 2020
Because you’re going to have to understand these references whenever you hang out with his/her actor friends.

5 Personality Traits You Need If You Want To Date An Actor

1. Patience — to sit through plays, movies, film audition reels, practice sides with, help select headshots, proof resumes, etc.

2.Confidence — to watch your significant other kiss someone else, have chemistry with someone else, and be fawned over by agents, directors, other actors and fans, all competing for his or her attention. (Additionally, you’ll often need to relinquish the limelight and be fine with it.)

3. Stability — because an actor’s life is all over the place, and to some extent you’ll need to be their rock.

4. Supportive — because no matter how many people are in the audience, the actor you’re dating will always look for you in the front row.

5. Tolerant — because an actor and, by association, you, will be surrounded by strong theater and show biz personalities of all sorts. Some of these personalities will have a penchant for bursting into song out of nowhere. It’s just something to get used to.

Date Ideas To Win Them Over

1. How Hookup go see your friend from college in their semi-autobiographical one man show?

2. How Hookup watch those great videos of your high school production of Oliver!?

3. How Hookup hang out on the Fire Escape and read Our Town to each other?

4. How Hookup go thrifting for “costumes” and make up characters based on the clothes we find?

5. How about we go to Karaoke where you can dazzle me with your underappreciated version of “On My Own”/”Luck Be A Lady”?

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