It never fails. Every week, HowHookup users post a brand new batch of creative, hilarious, romantic date ideas. Here are our ten recent favorites.

1. Suburban Explorer

Who knows what’s out there?

2. Someedate

No better way to flirt than showing each other just how clever you are. Especially when done through the medium of Someecards.

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3. iCinema Verite

Having your “How We Met,” story on video right there on your phone will save you cumulative hours at dinner parties.

4. Start Planning Now

This is one of those “stuff you really need to do anyway but need a little motivation” dates. If you’re going to have an amazing costume this year, start planning now. And you might just end up getting a Halloween date out of the deal.

5. Geek Two-fer

Tired of trying to choose between your inner sci-fi nerd and your inner theater nerd when it comes to dating? Now you don’t have to!

6. “You And I March To The Beat Of A Different Drum”

Some of the best bands in rock and roll history started exactly this way. It probably works for relationships, too.

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7. Priorities

I don’t think they make you go apple picking to get the donuts, but you should do it anyway because it’s fun and autumnal.

8. Who You Gonna Call?

You had us at “Delaware Ghost Hunters.”

9. Pencil Toppers and Temporary Tattoos

YES! Maybe you can save up for a clock radio!

10. Blind(folded) Date

Do the “new rules” involve “getting kicked out of Grand Central for life?”

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