The following is a Public Service Announcement: Your birth control pills may not be working.

The ironically named Qualitest Pharmaceuticals has issued a recall on 8 types of birth control pills that were found to have been incorrectly packed and, therefore, potentially ineffective.


The recall includes the following products—the lot numbers can be found on the bottom of the box or the individual blister card:

• Cyclafem(TM) 7/7/7
• Cyclafem(TM) 1/35
• Emoquette(TM)
• Gildess® FE 1.5/30
• Gildess® FE 1/20
• Orsythia(TM)
• Previfem ®
• Tri-Previfem®

CBS reports that 1.4 million packages were included in the recall, so even if you or your partner were not affected, please spread the word — chances are someone you know is.

For more information, read the original post at and see the full recall on the FDA website.