You may have heard that last night we sent two strangers — Bianca and James — out on a blind date and streamed the whole thing live on the internet. You may wonder why in name of heckity-heck we would do such a thing.

Well, we’ll tell you.

Entertainment value aside (there was a drinking game involved), we’re curious about how people actually behave on a first date because we fell that there’s a lot we can learn from observation. In this regard, last night’s DateCam certainly didn’t disappoint.

So what did we learn?

1. Embrace The Awkward

First dates can be awkward anyway, but if you add a camera, a microphone and the entirety of the Internet potentially watching and judging you? It’s getting into “watching a sex scene with your parents” territory.

Last night we saw Bianca and James, who got off to a rough start, actually bond over the awkwardness of their situation — a brilliant date strategy that culminated in a first kiss hidden from the camera by a menu.

2. Watch For The Signs

The chatroom last night was largely frustrated on Bianca’s behalf. Professional Wingman, Thomas Edwards — one of HowHookup’s chatroom moderators for the evening — commented that “Bianca was the perfect example of what a woman should be doing to show she’s interested in a man.” She was dropping signals all over the place and James either wasn’t getting it or wasn’t into it (it turned out to be the former).

Though it all worked out for these two, Bianca easily could have slipped out of James’ grasp if he had continued down the path of obliviousness. Here’s the lesson: If she’s playing with her hair, making an effort to orient her body toward yours and touching her chest when she throws her head back laughing at your jokes, it’s probably okay to touch her on the arm or something. You’ve got to take it to the next level before the window closes, folks.

3. Hang In There

if you’re on a date, and the chemistry isn’t flowing right away but you’re still interested? Stay strong. There are a billion reasons that someone might be awkward, even if there’s not a camera in their face. Give them a chance to warm up, encourage them, and they’ll come around.

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