Last week, we weighed the pros and cons of waiting for your date at the table, at the bar, or outside the meeting spot. For example:

You Wait At The Table

Pros: You get to sit down and carefully examine the menu without the distraction of small talk. Maybe they will bring you bread? You can text your date so they will know exactly where to go. (“I am at the table by the window, eating bread.”)

Cons: Do you stand to greet them when they arrive or stay seated? That is hard to navigate. The other diners examine you and are as eager to see your date as you are. It’s awkward when your date shows up and you’ve eaten all the bread.

Obviously, this is a complicated and important issue, so we wanted to see what you think.

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When you get to a date, and your date isn’t there yet, where do you usually wait it out?

We’ve debated this quite a bit within the office, so we’re excited to see what you think.

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