Last week, we gave you a list of the different types of men who won’t make women happy, so it’s only fair we turn the same critical eye to women. And wouldn’t you know it, the fairer sex isn’t always gentler when it comes to relationship heartbreak…

1. The Woman Who Has No Girlfriends

There’s something really appealing about a low-maintenance girl who can hold her own with all your guy friends. But a girl who has no girl friends whatsoever should set off warning bells. What is it about her that prevents her from being able to relate and befriend other women? Is attention from guys so important to her that she insists on surrounding herself with them at all times? Is being the girl who hangs with the boys a too-integral part of her identity? And, even if you aren’t the jealous type, are you really going to be okay with her hanging out and confiding in other guys, night after night after night?

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2. The Woman Who Thinks Life Is A Romantic Comedy

This is the woman who thinks your relationship isn’t working unless you’re standing outside her window with a boom box or surprising her with a first edition of her favorite childhood book at regular 3 month intervals. She doesn’t understand that life isn’t like the movies, and she seems incapable of seeing the romance in the small moments and quotidien gestures you do to show her you care. What’s worse, she’ll put enormous pressure on you for holidays,anniversaries, and birthdays, making any natural romantic inclination seem forced. Better to find a woman who can also appreciate the quieter moments in you relationship.

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3.The Woman Who Expects You To Pay. Always.

Maybe you paid for the first date. Maybe you paid for the first four dates. Fine! You’re a generous and chivalrous gentleman. But at some point down the line, the woman has got to offer to pay for something. There are more women in the workforce than men now: she’s definitely making her own money, and a relationship is about equality and partnership, not meal tickets. Having one partner shoulder the financial burden is just not realistic in 2020.

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4. The Woman Who Always Has A Boyfriend

Looking through her Facebook pictures, you notice that she’s changed partners more often than her hairstyle. We’re not talking about a woman who hooks up with a lot of guys, we’re talking about the woman who embarks on full-on relationships with one guy after another — cutesy couple pictures on Facebook and all. This girl hasn’t been single since she was 15: the chronology of her life seems to be marked by ex-boyfriends. (“Chad, the High School Boyfriend.” “Paul, the College Boyfriend.” “Carlo, from Study Abroad in Florence.”) Whenever she dates someone, she enthusiastically jumps into her boyfriend’s world, altering her dress, appearance, and hobbies to fit his. So who are you really dating? A well-rounded woman? Or an amalgamation of ex-boyfriends who will find a new boyfriend after she’s through with you with the ease with which one might replace a part in a car?

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5. The Woman Who’s A Total Basket Case

She’s going through a really hard time right now. Except that time is always. To be clear, we’re not talking about normal women who are going through a rough period, we’re talking about that woman whose very identity is tied up with the fact that she’s a mess. Her mercurial temper, unpredictable moods, and sudden fits of crying are alluring at first, even sexy: here’s a woman with passion in her life! Here’s a woman who needs you, you can fix things for her! But you can’t fix things, only a therapist and a hearty prescription can. After the hundredth meltdown, and the hundredth refusal to seek actual help, you’ll want to run.

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6. The Woman Who Hates That You Interact With Other Women

This woman makes you feel guilty for walking down the same street as another woman, and no amount of compliments, affection and loyalty can convince her that you aren’t interested in anyone else. She is constantly, slyly trying to get you to voice your opinion on other women by saying things like “Carla’s pretty, don’t you think?” and then acting hurt if you dare concede that yes, Carla’s cute. This is an endless, exhausting cycle, and soon, you will find yourself looking around for better options.

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