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DateCam: The Morning-After Video?!

So, this is unexpected.

Bianca and James, who on Monday went on a blind date which we livestreamed, just sent us a video link.

Despite the vociferous audience complaints about how awkward the date seemed to be, especially at the beginning, we now have unequivocal proof (in video format!) that these two were digging each other -- and the camera -- a little more than they let on.

Click below to see the couple looking pret-ty cosy in what is definitely James' apartment (see: his dog, Scarlett), with Bianca in what is almost definitely one of James' shirts, watching the Livestream video and reading the comments from the chat.

James & Bianca's HowHookup DateCam Commentary on the Commentary on the Livestream Date from bianca on Vimeo.

So, this now-real couple is making a webcam videoof their reactions to their own webcam date. Gotta love the Internet.

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