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Will This App Help My Love Life? Scoutmob -- the Totally Free, No-Commitment Deals Site

Scoutmob is a free app -- available for the iPhone, Android and via SMS -- that is revolutionizing the deals business -- but will it help your love life?

Yes. Yes, it will. In fact, I can think of few apps that are more comprehensively beneficial in matters of the heart. Here’s why:

Scoutmob is a deal site, like Groupon or Living Social, but with a unique and much-appreciated twist -- you don’t have to pay upfront or purchase the discount. It's just a straight-up percentage off.

Plus, the deals are for places that you actually want to go to like vintage clothing stores, beloved neighborhood diners, cozy wine bars and gourmet burger joints. In other words, Scoutmob offers deals (usually half off) on perfect date spots.

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Think of Scoutmob as your cool aunt or uncle who can not only recommend a locale that will really impress your date, but drop Scoutmob’s name and they’ll even give you a break on the check. Here’s how it works:

- Download the app* for FREE here
- Pick from their list of awesome date spots.
- Go there with your date and have a fabulous time.
- Pull up the app and show the deal when the check comes.
- Put the money you save toward date number two.

(*Don’t have an iPhone or Android? No sweat. You can still get Scoutmob deals texted or emailed to you here)

As if that weren’t enough, the Scoutmob app also provides you with city-specific conversation topics! (“Did you know that this cocktail bar used to be a brothel? Yep. It was shut down in 1855 after a scandal involving the mayor’s son and a chandelier.”) You’ll never run out of things to talk about again and you’ll come off as curious and knowledgeable about your town.

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Speaking of towns, Scoutmob is fully live in Atlanta, NYC, San Francisco, and DC, and they’ve got new markets launching in Austin, Boston, Nashville, Dallas, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Denver and LA. If they’re not in your city yet, just be patient I’m sure they’ll be setting up shop there soon.

Let’s recap. Scoutmob provides you with cool, off-the-beaten-path date spots, real deals (often 50% off or more), and little known, conversation-starting facts about your city.

Oh yeah. They also have a “moustache cam,” and if you win this contest, they’ll give you a bike.

I’m not sure exactly how a fake moustache and a bike will help your love life, but they certainly couldn’t hurt, right?

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