what's your numberHow many sexual partners is too many? If you ask Ally Darling, Anna Faris’ character in the new movie “What’s Your Number?” twenty is the magic digit. Any more than 20 sex partners and, fears Darling, she’ll be doomed to a life of a future of cat hoarding, crochet and frozen Lean Cuisine dinners every night.

On the other hand, some might think that anything fewer than 20 is just, well, boring. Have you learned enough to reach your love-making potential? Or maybe this whole conversation is a moot point: as long as you’re safe, what does it matter?

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The numbers game is a sensitive subject. It’s always awkward to talk numbers with potential new mates. What if their numbers are exponentially higher than yours? Or pitifully low? The potential for judgement, jealousy and awkward, uncomfortable conversation is high.

And determining your number isn’t always the easiest: If you don’t have intercourse, does it count? What if you’ve dated before and are hitting it again? The rules and regulations are murky at best.

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So we want to know: Do you care about your number? Are you, like Ally, concerned that having too high a number will ruin your chances for real love?

Let us know below (and ask your friends, to, too). We’ll get back to you next week with the results.