If a friend of yours says that he or she hooked up with someone, what do you assume that they’re talking about? Full-on sex? Just oral? Are clothes on or off? Or is it kind of ambiguous?

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Well, a recent study conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln found that nobody actually knows what the verb “to hook up” actually refers to.

Researchers interviewed a group of college students and found that, “Ninety-four percent of participating students had heard of the phrase ‘hooking up’ in reference to sexual activities. Slightly more than half described a hookup as involving sex, 9 percent roughly described it as not having sex and about one-third indicated that the term was ambiguous.”

So how are we supposed to know who did what with who? What ever happened to the “bases” system? That was at least clear. Now we have one word that refers to everything from french kissing to bondage?

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This obviously needs to be reevaluated. How about it, Science? You like to classify things so much? Then how about coming up with a system that can tell us, specifically, what people do with each other in the privacy of their own bedrooms, huh?

(Read more about the study’s actually-quite-interesting findings here.)

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