Over the weekend, The New York Post published an article on Fall dating trends using data from the hundreds of thousands of dates posted on HowHookup.com. The data suggests that NYC singles are embracing the change in season with open arms, but still trying to squeeze out that last drop of summer before sweaterweather truly arrives.

Pumpkin Time

Among HowHookup’s findings — 1 in 8 dates posted in the Food and Drink categories involves pumpkins. “From dates involving pumpkin ale to pumpkin muffins, this is the new seduction gourd, for sure,” the post reported. Hot date spots include Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (for pumpkin pie ice cream), and Smorgasburg in Williamsburg (for muffins and pie). It would seem that if you’re looking for that perfect Autumn Boyfriend or Girlfriend who wants to carve pumpkins and toast the pumpkin seeds and make pumpkin pie then cuddle up by the fire, you’ve got a pretty good chance of finding them on HowHookup.

First (Date) and Ten

The beginning of football season has, of course, spawned an increase in “let’s sit around and watch football” dates. Not a bad start to a relationship, we think. If the two of you can have a good time watching the game together, and there’s chemistry there, you’ve probably got a future together.

Dark and Stormy

There’s a new liquor on the rise in the dating world. Rum dates are more popular than gin, vodka or whiskey dates right now. Check out Cienfuegos in Alphabet City for tropical cocktails that still feel right for Fall.

It’s officially Dark and Stormy season, people. Let’s do this.

The Last Drops of Summer

“There’s been a surge of ‘How Hookup go have a drink outdoors while we still can?’ ” says HowHookup media strategist, Erin Scottberg. “The No. 1 date in that category is: ‘How Hookup have some cocktails and enjoy the “Anthony Caro on the Roof” exhibit at the Met.’”

Pump Up, Chow Down

You’d think the change in season might send New Yorkers indoors, toward less active, more nest-oriented dates. Not so. New York singles have instead found a brilliant way to get their exercise and appease their pre-hibernation inclinations — biking to the pizzeria. Popular, bikeable locations include Brooklyn’s world-famousGrimaldi’s and charming East Village dive, Crocodile Lounge.

Doughnut Love

Speaking of creature comforts, how about filling your belly with doughnuts? Designer doughnut dates are more popular now than dates involving any other sweet treat. From your seasonal cider doughnut to more exotic choices (like hibiscus), donuts reign in Autumn. Try the fois gras doughnut at Williamsburg’s Do or Dine and the creme brulee doughnut at Chelsea’s Doughnut Plant.

The Muppets Take Manhattan (or, in this case, Queens)

And while we’re indulging ourselves, why not pile on a little nostalgia? Museum daters this fall are foregoing the fine arts for a dose of childhood wonder courtesy of the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. “This date accounts for 34 percent of all recent museum dates posted,” the Post reported.

For more information on how the single and dating population of NYC is welcoming the change in season, check out the NYP article here.

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