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The "Arrested Development" Renaissance Is Going To Be Great For Your Love Life.

Yesterday, at the New Yorker Festival, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, along with members of the cast, announced that the madcap comedy will be back on TV after a 5 year hiatus. Great news for Arrested Development fans: even greater news for your love life.

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I first watched Arrested Development when my college roommate came home from Christmas Vacation with the DVDs. I watched, I saw, I lol'd. At first, the show didn't immediately change my life: it was just a funny series I'd watch while procrastinating on homework. When I finished all the DVDs, I'm sure I was sort of disappointed, but certainly not devastated. I started watching some other show. It wasn't until later when I discovered the full power of Arrested Development.

Here's the thing: guys love this show. They love it, and they all think its underappreciated. If you're at a party and can reference the show, or make fun of the two Martas, or bemoan the fact that it went off the air, you'll have no trouble being the most popular person there. Guys will be throwing themselves at you with invitations to "watch the DVDs at my place." (Does this work both ways? Possibly.)

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If you're at a guy's place and not in the mood for sex, suggest "just one episode" of Arrested Development instead. One episode will turn into two, four, six, and before you know it, it's lights out.

If you're on a date and there's a lull in the conversation, "Do you watch Arrested Development?" is instant elixir for even the most taciturn date. You can go for twenty minutes covering the show's basics: how Lucille Bluth is your idol, how you once dated a never nude, how your best friend's boyfriend reminds you uncomfortably of Buster. In the most dire of circumstances, when you and your date don't have any common ground, Arrested Development can usually at least tide you over for as long as it takes to down a drink and get the check.

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The problem is, of course, after a while, there stops being new conversation fodder. Yes, everyone loves the show. Yes, it sucks that it went off the air. Yes, we've already watched the DVDs, and the special features, ten million times.

That's why this new Arrested Development, ehrm, development, is the best thing ever. Think of the new audience you'll now be able to impress with your knowledge of the show! Think of the new episodes and the date potential when the movie finally comes out! Think of all the pop culture phenomenons you won't have to meticulously keep up with, because you can once again rely on your old standard! In the words of GOB (though he was talking about beauty pageants): You can't believe what it does for your sex life."

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