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How Hookup... Hunt for Hot Cakes

There are beignets, there are donuts, there are funnel cakes...and then there are Chinatown's mini-cakes, which put the rest to shame. These spongy, sweet little balls will make your mouth water -- if you can find them. You and your date are going on a treasure hunt and X marks the All Natural Hot Mini Cakes cart of Chinatown.

The art of tracking down the elusive food cart is a highly coveted skill. Follow your nose, because the prize is worth it: Just one dollar gets you twenty sweet puffs. (And don't worry, we wouldn't send you off without a map -- the cart is usually parked on Grand near Bowery around lunchtime.) Just remember, it's about the journey: the longer you hunt, the longer you get to spend with your date.
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Grand Street, Near Bowery


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