I suppose it’s inevitable. Hoards of young, riled up 20-somethings decked out in their sexiest protest gear. Sparks are bound to fly. Or, at least, almost fly.

Gawker reported yesterday that the “Occupy Wall Street” protest has yielded its first Craigslist Missed Connection:

Cute anarchist(?) protestor arrested at Occupy Wall Street – m4w – 29 (90th precinct house, Williamsburg)
I fist spotted you at Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square right before the march started. You’re a few years younger than me with short, dark hair and you were wearing all black with leggings and a red handkerchief around your neck. I thought you crushingly attractive but things got moving and I lost track of you before I was able to work up the nerve to say hello. I saw you again a couple hours later when we got arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge, and then we ended up in neighboring cells at the 90th precinct house in Williamsburg. I’m the tall guy with glasses and short, dark hair wearing jeans and a tan t-shirt. I had a gray hoodie with black stripes on the bridge. You made fun of my shoes’ tongues falling out because they’d confiscated our shoelaces! Unfortunately you were released in the first group and I in the last, so I couldn’t find you by the time I got out. Curses!
I’ll be looking for you hard the next time I’m down there, and I won’t let the opportunity pass by me a 2nd time! But in case I don’t see you, know that I’d love to buy you a coffee or tea or what-have-you (it’s cold in that park!) and hear what draws you to the demonstration. Say hello!”

We can learn a couple of things from this anonymous activist’s missive.

First, whether or not it will be helpful to their cause, these protesters are adorable. “Crushingly attractive”? “Curses!”? This guy should be writing copy for protest-edition candy hearts. Whatever side of the police line you come down on, I think it would be safe to say that everyone is rooting for these two to get together and make little bandanna-wrapped babies forever and ever.

Second, people are out there looking for love, not just hookups, all the time. Even when they’re handcuffed, being dragged into a paddy wagon.

So keep getting out there and keep doing what’s important to you and the next time you see a crushingly attractive, like-minded individual who could just be the one — make the connection IRL.


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