We were recently the lucky recipients of a new book called “Lust: A Dictionary For The Insatiable.” Because we do happen to be pretty insatiable…for vocabulary!…we eagerly flipped through and picked out the hardest, most polysyllabic words possible. Try to pepper them into your every day speech, okay? Cause it’s never too late to “up your score.” (Heh. Get it?)

Adulterine, adjective
Relating to an adulterous relationship.
Ex. The professional relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith suddenly, but perhaps not unexpectedly, took a turn toward the adulterine.

Anaphrodisiac, noun.
A substance that serves to decrease sexual desire.
Ex. There is no anaphrodisiac more potent than the site of jorts on a man.

Anorgasmic, adjective.
Unable to achieve orgasm during sex.
Ex. Paul wondered if he was doing something wrong in bed, or if Cheryl was just always anorgasmic.

Apolaustic, adjective.
Devoted to pleasure; hedonistic.
Ex. At the end of the day, can you really blame Charlie Sheen for pursuing an apolaustic lifestyle?

Bagnio, noun.
A brothel.

Sam: Which way to the bagnio?
Fred: That way.
Sam: Great.

Billet-doux, noun.
A love letter.
Ex: Jessica’s day was made a little better by the lengthy billet-doux from Sharon, sent directly to her work email.

Callipygian, adjective.
Having a nicely shaped backside.
Ex: Kim Kardashian certainly has the most callipygian figure of the twenty-first century.

Cicesbeo, noun.
The lover of a married woman.
Ex. Everyone was pretty surprised to learn that ex-White House crasher Michaele Salahi’s cicesbeo was none other than Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

Concupiscent, adjective.
Desirous, lustful.
Ex. “Babe, wanna turn off the TV? I’m feeling a bit…concupiscent.”

Desideratum, noun.
Something that is desired or needed.
Ex. Ryan Gosling is my desideratum, and I will have him.

Flagitious, adjective.
Shamefully scandalous.
Ex. Some of extended scenes in the Bridesmaids DVD, particularly between Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig, were even more delightfully flagitious than in the edited version.

Frottage, noun.
The act of rubbing against a person — often a stranger in a crowd — for sexual pleasure.
Ex. It’s hard to be totally open and sex positive when you ride the New York Subway every day and regularly deal with a stranger’s penchant for frottage.

Gynecomania, noun.
An overpowering enthusiasm for women.
Ex. It’s not Brent’s fault that he cheated on you; he was diagnosed with Gynecomania at a very young age.

Ithyphallic, adjective.
The depiction of an erect penis in a piece of art.
Ex. It was the ithyphallic images on ancient Greek pottery that originally got Ryan interested in signing up for an art history course.

Osculate, verb.
To come together; to kiss.
Ex. Sixpence None The Richer were forced to change their 1997 hit song title to “Kiss Me’ after record producers weren’t sure “Osculate Me” had quite the same staying power.

Satyriasis, noun.
Uncontrollable male compulsion to have sex with as many individuals as possible.
Ex. Satyriasis was definitely the most promising diagnosis that Kevin had ever come across in his years of checking his symptoms on Web Md.

Uteromania, noun.
A female’s uncontrollable desire for sex; nymphomania.
Ex. After many years of dating, Alvin was still searching for that perfect, uteromanic, Zooey Deschanel-lookalike girl of his dreams.

Venery, noun.
The search for or satisfaction or sexual delight.
Ex. The inclusion of peanut butter into their sex life was just the next step in Katie and Olaf’s continual pursuit of venery.

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