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Will This App Help My Love Life: Fake Girlfriend

As if we need another way for technology to wreak havoc with our love lives, now we have this to worry about: Fake Girlfriend, a texting app which will send any guy (or girl, presumably) fake text messages from a fake person, with the sole aim of making you jealous. Good grief!

According to Glamour, the app let's users plug in a number under a fake name. Then, if you text this number, it will immediately start texting you back, and even call with a pre-recorded message.

What's worse, the app is free, which means that it's not just duplicitous bastards that will be using it...but cheap duplicitous bastards at that.

So is there any salvageable use for this service? Maybe. What if instead of using this to make your dates jealous, you use it to get out of bad dates? Just plug in the Fake Girlfriend number in your phone as "MOM", and surreptitiously text the fake number without your date seeing. Then, when you start getting texts back, make a big deal out of ignoring your phone. ("Ugh, I am SO sorry, my mom keeps texting.") When, about 20 minutes later, "Mom" calls you, excuse yourself profusely ("I'm so sorry, let me just get this, I don't know why she keeps calling.") and then answer the phone with a super annoyed voice, like you can't believe she's calling you when you're on a date. ("Mom, what?") Then -- a look of confusion on your face. ("What?") Then listen intently for about 10 seconds, interjecting every now and then with non-committal assurances. ("Okay. Yes.") Finally, end things with a new, business-like, "cool headed in an emergency" tone. ("Okay, I'll be there in twenty.") Hang up, apologize profusely to your date, explain that there's been a family emergency and you really have to run. You're so sorry. Here's money for the drinks. You've really got to run. Bye.

So: will this app help your love life? Yes, but it's a slippery moral slope. Proceed carefully.

[Glamour: Yet Another Way For People To Be Dishonest About Dating]

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