Oh Brad Pitt, you can keep your myriad infants. Jennifer Aniston is doing all sorts of romantic things with semi-alternative, widow’s peak rocking Justin Theroux — like living together and smiling in Terry Richardson photos and, most recently, eating a fancy dinner with Patricia Clarkson (Tammy One) to keep the love fires alive. Here’s what you can learn.

The Celebs: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Their Epic Date: Once she burned all of the magazines covers that declared her “desperate for a baby,” J. Aniston took to a night on the town with her handsome man-piece in our nation’s capitol. Ani-oux (Are we doing that?) met up with a few of Jennifer’s co-workers — just a Lifetime executive, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Patricia Mother F–kin’ Clarkson to have dinner at fancy-pants Fiola. On the menu — a $65 plate of truffle-laden tagliatelle.

D-List Version: “How Hookup. . . grab a bunch of our friends and drink wine ’til the restaurant closes.”

How to Make the Magic Happen: Here’s the thing, once you’ve been dating for a while — even a little while — you’re going to need to add other people into the mix. I don’t mean in a perverse way, I just mean you’re going to need to meet each other’s friends and coworkers. Maybe even hang out with them on occasion. This can still be a romantic endeavor though. A classy joint, some hand-holding under the table, taking turns telling charming stories about one another and your coworkers will be totally charmed with you as a couple. You don’t need an exorbitantly over-priced plate of pasta to settle in to each other’s lives. A couple of bottles of wine will help though.

A-List Attire: Why are you even asking? Have you seen these two? They exclusively wear black. Always. You could take a black and white photo of them and not know the difference. The last time Jennifer Aniston wore a color was during the filming of Marley and Me. But here’s the thing — it works. It’s slimming. It goes from day to night. It’s casual yet dressy. Easy.

Hollywood Dialogue: I’d hazard a guess that at least part of this dinner was about just how many times Lifetime was going to repeat the Foxy Knoxy movie. The rest of the time? Talking about the movies Justin’s been in? What a douche Angelina Jolie is? Politics? Doesn’t matter, they were quaffing lots of wine and laughing, guaranteed.

So start the integration process. If this person in your life is even somewhat significant, you can certainly share some grub with them and the people you share a cubicle with. And if it goes horrifically you can always gossip about one to the other the next day.

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