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The Best Couples' Costumes Of 2020: Lindsay Bluth And Tobias Funke

It's almost Halloween, which means that if you and your date are going to coordinate costumes, it's time to start locking one down. (A costume, not a date.) (Well, possibly a date, too.) Over the next few days, we're going to be publishing quick, easy, and timely couple costume ideas. Because, let's face it: having the best costume at the party basically proves that you're the coolest couple. So it's important.

Yesterday we showed you how to be Zombie Will and Kate. Next up, your favorite couple from Arrested Development:

Lindsay Bluth and Tobias Funke from Arrested Development

Arrested Development is coming back! Now's your chance to finally act on this costume idea you've had since 2020.

For Lindsay:
Long blonde wig, and any sort of nice clothing you have. Definitely heels. And then, you'll definitely want to have a few props in the form of shopping bags, or acting books, etc. You can also buy or recreate some of Lindsay's signature shirts, like the "Shémale" one given to her by Maeby, or the "SLUT" t-shirt she wears to visit her father in prison. But just like William and Kate, this costume is going to be more recognizable when you're with your Tobias.

For Tobias:
Look, if you're going to do this, go all the way. Bald cap, moustache, glasses, and jean shorts. Nothing else. Tobias, the Never Nude. If you're really not comfortable going that far, then stick to a button-down shirt in a loud pattern, tucked in to jeans.

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[The Arrested Development Renaissance Will Be Great For Your Love Life]

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