All men are different, believe it or not, but there are certain things that are pretty much guaranteed to put a guy off. They’re pretty easy to avoid, if you know what they are.

1. Not Listening

Maybe you’re just nervous. Maybe that’s why you cant. stop. talking. Pause, take a breath, and ask me a question besides “Y’know?”

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2. Not Talking

On the other hand, if you’re not saying much of anything, not only do I learn nothing about you, but it’s annoying for me to have to do all the work.

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3. Not Offering To Pay For Anything

I expect to pay on a first date and I don’t mind doing it. But when I feel like she expects it? Huge turnoff.

Regardless of the fact that I’ll probably insist anyway, if a woman doesn’t at least offer to pay for some portion of the date (“You get dinner, I’ll get drinks?”), it seems like she expects a guy to take care of her just because she’s a girl and not because she’s actually made a connection with him.

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4. Namedropping

This one can be tricky, because we are going to talk about work. If you happen to work in the music industry and Ke$ha happens to be your primary client, it will be hard for you to talk about work without mentioning Ke$ha. That’s fair. However, if I end up getting unprompted info about how nice she actually is “in real life,” or what Ke$ha got you for Christmas last year, I might get a little suspicious that you’re trying to impress me with your close affiliation to a famous person. Which is not actually all that impressive.

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5. Coming On Too Strong

If you have sex with me on a first date, that alone doesn’t mean I’m going to take you any less seriously as a long term dating prospect. Really, it doesn’t. If the vibe is there and we’re not afraid to act on it, good for us.

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However, if you start coming on to me, out of nowhere, when I haven’t indicated that I might be interested, it makes me feel like I’m just a vibrator with a smile. Don’t get me wrong, sex may still happen, but it’s probably not going to happen ever again.

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