Kristen Stewart has finally admitted that she is, in fact, dating Robert Pattinson. The news shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s read a magazine in the past two years. Not that Stewart should have felt any pressure to reveal the details of her private life, but given the fact that we all knew it anyway, it does feel like the “secrecy” may have been more about driving headlines than protecting her privacy.

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Being sketchy about the fact that you’re obviously dating someone has a similar affect in the real world — after a certain point, it may only be creating unnecessary drama. As stifling as an incorrect or premature label can be on a relationship, sometimes, avoiding any kind of label can be equally stressful.

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So, how can you tell that it may be time to let the (possibly suffocating) cat out of the bag? Well, if you’re experiencing one or more of the following phenomena, it might be easier for everyone involved if you just put a name on it and call it a day.

1. You go out regularly, as a couple, with other couples. And pay together.

2. You’ve accompanied each other to numerous family functions.

3. Any time you’re invited to anything, in fact, you bring them along.

4. You continually feel the need to correct everyone when they, quite reasonably, refer to this person as your boyfriend or girlfriend. (You don’t have to use those words yourself, but this person is obviously more than just a “good friend.”)

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5. You’re all over each other in public, all the time.

6. It’s been six months and you haven’t slept with or been on a date with anyone else.

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7. You do everything together that you would imagine doing with someone you were dating.

8. You finish each other’s sentences, and eat off each other’s plates.

9. Everyone already knows anyway.


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