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The Best Couples' Costumes Of 2020: Lily & Nina of Black Swan

It's almost Halloween, which means that if you and your date are going to coordinate costumes, it's time to start locking one down. (A costume, not a date.) (Well, possibly a date, too.) Over the next few days, we're going to be publishing quick, easy, and timely couple costume ideas. Because, let's face it: having the best costume at the party basically proves that you're the coolest couple. So it's important.

This week, we're starting off with a little something for the ladies...

The Female Leads In Black Swan

It was one of the sexiest, darkest movies of last Winter, which makes "Black Swan" perfect for Halloween Costume fodder.

For Nina

Dressing up as Nina is basically just an excuse to fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a ballerina. You want to look like a hardworking member of ABT, so layer your look with lots of legwarmers and shrugs in pale colors. Keep make-up simple and natural, and hair in a tight bun.

For Lily

Think "badass ballerina" and go with it. (In other words, everything that Nina wears in pink is available also in black. Buy that. Leather jacket would help.) Also: lots of black eye-liner.

For Black Swan

Both Nina and Lily wear the Black Swan costume in the movie, so both of you can wear it on Halloween -- for accuracy's sake, Lily's will have blood on it. The costume really doesn't have to be that elaborate: just a pair of tights, a leotard, and ballet shoes with a black tutu.

The headpiece is pretty easy to make yourself by gluing white feathers from a craftstore to a plastic headband, or even using white tulle. Remember that the head piece should drape over the ears.

The make-up, of course, is the best part. Check out Refinery 29 for a quick tutorial.

Another variation on this costume is to have one of you be Nina and the other be Black Swan, leaving Lily out of it entirely. Either way, you'll both have great costumes!

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