Here’s a disturbing study: our parents’ generation was considerably more sexually active than our own. I’ll let that sink in for a moment.


Ready to continue? Great.

According to a new Italian study by Durex, the average age that people have sex for the first time, at least in Italy, is 15, where as a few decades ago, the age was 17. But though some people are losing their virginity at a much younger age, the total number of youths who are sexually active today is much less than in the 70s.

These days, only 28% of people 14-18 are sexually active. In the 70s, this number was a whopping 65%. It’s interesting to compare these two generations in terms of TV shows. Kids today are watching racy portrayals of sex on shows like Skins and Gossip Girl while their parents wholesomely watched The Brady Bunch, but look who was having more sex!

Well, it just goes to show you.

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