How’s that search for the perfect autumn boyfriend going? For those of you who are still looking, we’ve rounded up some of the best fall themed dates that have been proposed on HowHookup lately. Scoop one of these guys up before the season’s over!

1. Rooftop Pumpkin Carving

Goopy and romantic.

2. Corn Maize

Just don’t get stuck and call the police, like these guys.

3. Letterboxing

This somewhat complicated activity perfectly combines two great Autumn Boyfriend qualities: outdoorsy and crafty.

4. Octoberfest

Would we be having pumpkin ales, by any chance?

5. Pumpkin Milkshakes?!

Boldly going where no Autumn Boyfriend has gone before…the Ice Cream Aisle.

6. Sheer Terror Can Be Romantic

Two words: How’s Tuesday?

7. Simple. Direct.

Autumn boyfriends don’t waste words when there are apples to be picked.

8. Pedestrian Leaf Peeping

Oh, this guy totally sees all the romantic possibilities of autumn.

9. Country Breakfast

Of course an Autumn Boyfriend’s best friend is a farmer.

10. Outdoorsy

So rugged. We like that in an autumn boyfriend.

11. Couples Costumes!

Here are some good ideas to start you off

12. You’ll Be The Graveyard Smash!

It would be cute if you dressed up as monsters.

13. Prince Charming Right Here, Folks.

Hmmm…is this person actually one of my friends trying to play a trick on me?

14. November-January Fest

Answer: never!

15. From One “Spice” To The Next…

A good autumn boyfriend will pair anything with pumpkin.

16. Bumpy Fun

Well, that’s one way to roll in the hay.

17. Leaf-jumping!

A big pile of crunchy leaves to jump in is definitely worth traveling for.

18. Mountain Man

Bald Mountain sounds appropriately Halloween-y, no?

19. Fright Fest

This is date is not for wimps. [And a scary date may even increase your odds at a match.]

20. Wicked Awesome

Sounds wicked awesome. Will the dog be joining us?

21. Arboretum Date

See the trees change color, and learn their names!

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