HowHookup is chock full of ladies looking for romantic fall activity partners to do romantic fall activities with. Don’t sleep on this golden opportunity to “fall” in love. Check it out.

1. Triple Treat

Pretty much as autumnal as you can get without changing your name to “Gourdy” and sleeping in a Horn of Plenty.

2. Seasonal Stroll

Pumpkin Spice Lattes and The High Line — two things you won’t be able to enjoy once winter hits.

3. Apples and Orange Leaves

File Under: Things that are awesome with with date, but suck on your own

4. Despite All My oRAnGE

I don’t know what a Smashing Pumpkin Martini is or where to get one, but I strongly encourage you to find out before Thanksgiving.

5. Jersey Hayriiiiiide!!

For some reason the idea of a “Jerz Hayride” seems more illicit than in probably is. Either way, it’s gonna be BUMPY!!

6. Pumpkintoberfestoween

Drinking pumpkin ale pretty much covers all of your bases as far as celebrating Octobr is concerned.

7. Witchy Woman

If you don’t get to Salem, MA for Halloween at least once in your life, you’re not doing it right.

8. The Classic

It’s fall. Just do it.

9. Spooky Girlfriend

Keep it simple. And terrifying.

10. Sneaky Cider

Apple cider’s already delicious. If you put alcohol in it, it will also get you drunk. Cheers!

11. Roof O’Lantern

Then throw the pumpkin guts on unsuspecting passersby below! Mua ha ha ha ha ha!

12. Fried Food Season?

Fall is an awesome excuse to eat as much fried food as you want. I’m not sure what the connection actually is, but just go with it.

13. Hay Is For Horses

I remember once I went to a farm in the autumn when I was a kid and fed apples to a horse and he spit apple juice all over me and it was the best thing ever. The point is — Horses + Autumn = Magic


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