Regardless of your gender, offering to pay the bill on a date is a pretty surefire way to score points. (And if your date goes well, they’ll treat you next time, right?) But what if you pay the bill using a coupon? Will your date be impressed with your thrifty money-saving abilities, which after all denotes dateable attributes like fiscal responsibility and maturity? Or will your date just think you’re, well, cheap? recently did a survey to gauge how Americans felt about using a coupon on a date.

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Apparently, only 6% of adults ages 18-34 would be “offended” if someone broke out a coupon on the first date. (So if you happen to find yourself on a date with someone who is turned off by your frugality, know that 94% of the rest of your dating pool feels differently.)

In fact, 32% of men and 35% of women would feel “indifferent” if their date used a coupon. Remember that the next time you’re sweating buckets at the prospect of offering up your “$5 off with purchase of popcorn” coupon on date night.

In general, 70% of singles say that using a coupon on a first date is smart. Sort of what we’ve been saying all along: dating has to be fun, but it really doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant.

Some Guidelines For Using Coupons On A Date

If you have a coupon for a specific deal or purchase, let your date know ahead of time. If you try to guide them into choosing a particular menu item, drink, or showtime and then break out your corresponding coupon, they’ll feel bamboozled.

Make the coupon optional. Let them know that you have a coupon for a free dessert with the purchase of an enchilada, but if they had their heart set on a burrito, don’t force them to forgo it.

Even if they’re paying, offer up your discount. If your date is generously paying for, say, tickets to an art lecture, but you get a 15% discount because you’re a museum member, don’t stay mum! Offer to give them your card or to get the tickets yourself — they can either accept or demure.

You can even build a date around a coupon, if you’re upfront about it! Is there a guy or a girl you like? Let them know that you just got a Groupon or deal for a beer tasting course/dance show/boat ride, do they want to come with? This way, your date becomes less about saving money and more about an activity.

Beware of extreme couponing! Using one coupon on a date is fine, admirable even. Showing up with a coupon booklet and a complicated plan to squeeze every possible penny out of a deal is a bit… agressive, for a first date. Remember, you’re using your coupon to date, not dating so you can use your coupon. (Important distinction.)

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