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4th Grade B-day Parties & Happy Hours

4th Grade Birthday Parties and Happy Hours
We dug up the photo from the 4th Grade Birthday Party, the one when Brian was convinced he was THE WINNER. How could he not win with this drawing?

Okay, so this really does pertain to you. You see, we're going to be announcing the temporal and spacial details of the HowHookup: Everybody Wins Happy Hour on our Facebook Fan Page. And the Everybody Wins Happy Hour was inspired by this 4th grade birthday party, when Aaron' mom convinced all the party-goers that they were the WINNERS. If you connect the dots, you'll find that everyone who enters the HowHookup Contest Date #2 is going to feel just like Brian at the b-day party - a winner. The prize for everyone - a free drink at the Happy Hour. The prize for the real winner (we'll all know who you are) is a date paid for, up to $150.

To be a quasi-winner, all you need to do is enter the Date Contest #2 by submitting your NYC Date Spot Question on our Fan Page. Here's an example to show you how it works:

You post a HowHookup NYC Date Spot Question by following the format above: HowHookup NYC Date Spot Question: XXX. The XXX stands for the type of spot you'd like to go to on a HowHookup Date - a burger joint, a jukebox bar, bloody Marys, etc. Once you pose your question, invite your friends to comment with their answers to your question. Whoever gets the most legit comments, wins. And HowHookup will pay for your date, up to $150!

So go check out our Fan Page. Join it to get info for the Everybody Wins Happy Hour. Pose a Date Spot Question. Provide some answers. Get a free drink.