You know, given that couples have been spicing up their sex lives with costumed role play for decades, at least, you’d think we’d have a few more creative options by now. Not that there’s anything wrong with cops, nurses, cheerleaders, cowboys or Catholic schoolgirls, but aren’t there other options that are equally sexy but a little less done to death?

Sure there are. Here are 5 sexual role play scenarios that go beyond the classics.

1. Truckstop

What you’ll need: a trucker hat, a flannel shirt with the sleeves torn off, a apron, a table and chairs, a piece of pie, a cup of coffee

If you’re the waitress (or waiter) in this scenario, you’ll be doing most of the work. It’s all foreplay, so go ahead and draw it out.

“Piece of pie, hon?”

“One more cup of coffee, darlin?”

Be sure to brush your trucker’s body with yours, ever so slightly, with each trip to and from the table.

Then, when the sexual tension is finally too much to bear, inform your trucker that “it’s closin’ time… but you don’t have to go.” The rest is up to you.

2. Blackmail

What you’ll need: A black trenchcoat, sunglasses, black gloves, “compromising” photos of your partner (taken beforehand, perhaps as part of another role play… )

You meet in a neutral location (your kitchen table is fine). If you’re playing the “blackmailer,” inform the “blackmailee” that you’ve got dirt on them that could compromise their position as CEO of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company/supreme court justice/president of the United States. Show your partner the photos. He or she will, of course, offer to pay you any sum to destroy the evidence of their indiscretions. Inform them that you’re not interested in their money. Then tell them exactly what they can do for you instead.

3. Shipwreck

What you’ll need: a loin cloth (or scarf of some kind), a cloth, a bowl of water, a tattered button down shirt and pants

The last thing that you remember is being thrown from your ship as it crashed against the rocks. You awake to an islander (your partner, wearing only a loin cloth) removing your tattered shirt and washing your bruised body. “Where am I?” you ask. No response. He or she simply continues to wash. “Who are you?” you say. Still no response, but he or she continues the work — calmly, gently and with confidence — and it feels good. “Why are you helping me?” No response.

Then he or she removes your pants and the two of you finally begin to understand each other.

4. Gambling Debt

What you’ll need: a deck of cards, poker chips, period dress (Old West, Prohibition or 1970’s will work best)

You and your partner are the last two players in a high stakes poker game. Play the game out. The longer it takes, the more anticipation you’re building. Eventually, after several hands and a fair amount of flirting and teasing, the loser finds his or her self in a tight spot — they don’t have the cash to back up the big bets they were making.

“I- I can’t pay you,” the loser stammers.

“Oh, I think you can,” says the winner with a sly grin.

5. Sexy Frankenstein

What you’ll need: A lab coat, a sheet, and old computer/transistor radio/VCR and some wires for “controls.”

You were laughed out of MIT when you presented your theories on re-animation. They were fools. Now, here in your secret lab, you are on the verge of making your vision a reality. Naked, beneath a sheet, lies a perfect specimen of woman/manhood, waiting for your ReAnimatron to bring it to life. You flip the switch and cross your fingers, then — for a moment that seems to last forever — nothing.

But wait! Beneath the sheet — was that movement? You peel the sheet back slowly… slowly… and your creation opens its eyes.

You have achieved the impossible and given life to your subject. And now, it seems, the monster, whose basest desires have been awoken as well, wants to return the favor.


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