Last week, we asked you to help us come up with a name for that extra person you invite to a non-date so that the other person you’re meeting up with doesn’t think it’s a date. (A mouthful, right? Obviously, we need a more simple way to say this.)

Out of the options we provided, most of you chose “Strategic Third Wheel” as the best term, with “Designated Cock Block” coming up second.

Commenters on the blog and on Facebook also came up with some pretty good options. Among them:

-The Group Date Assistant

-The Life Line

-The Date Decoy

-The Frumpy Sweater

-The Chaperone

-The Buffer Zone

And, my personal favorite…

-The Friendicator

Pretty, pretty good guys. Which one will you be using?

[What Do You Call That Person You Bring Along So The Other Person Knows It's Not A Date?]