This week’s Modern Love essay isn’t about frustration or questioning. It’s just a simple account of a sad-nice thing that happened.

The essay starts with Minnesota Judge Lloyd Zimmerman at the end of a very long day, when he gets a phone call from a local hospice asking him to perform a last minute, emergency wedding. A 77 year-old man, who wasn’t expected to last through the night, wanted to marry his long-time girlfriend.

Zimmerman was at first hesitant: there are a myriad of bureaucratic reasons to avoid officiating last-minute marriages, it was late in the day, he wasn’t convinced of the circumstances, and secretly begrudged the “poor planning” by the married couple. They’d been together for 40 years and they waited until now?

But Zimmerman changes his mind when he realizes something simple:

“People do stupid, human things. I could make this one right.”

As you may have guessed, Zimmerman goes on to perform the ceremony just in the nick of time. His account of the wedding is both sweet and sad, and definitely worth reading.

[Modern Love: Making A Judgement On Love]

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