Of the major holidays, Halloween is perhaps the best time to meet someone. You’re feeling loose and there’s an instant ice breaker: Just walk up to someone and ask them about their costume. But how do you ensure that your costume is something that possible daters are dying to talk to you about? Choose one of our costumes below and you just might be in a couple’s outfit this time next year.

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1. The Driver from Drive: Some other sites mentioned this is a bad idea, but we disagree. What do chicks love more than a distant, emotionally unavailable, man who’s willing to unwaveringly defend their honor with near comical levels of violence? Find yourself a white silk jacket and a hammer and you’re ready to cruise all night. Stay in character by barely speaking and not telling anyone your name.

2. The McRib: We’re not saying it’s easy, but it’s back and anyone who commits to the bit enough to make a McRib costume is marriage material.

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3. Siri: Steve Jobs seemed to have the market cornered on Apple-related costumes (R.I.P.), but the more current option is dressing yourself as the 4S concierge. Get yourself a large cardboard sheet, draw up Siri’s page, and offer your services to whomever will have them for the evening. That’s commitment. Just stay sober enough that your vocal recognition still works.

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4. The Traveler’s Insurance Dog: Sure he’s a bit of a worrywart, but he’s a worrywart with a plan, an adorable bone-saving plan.

5. The cast of Pan Am: People might not be watching the show, but everybody loves a sexy stewardess (you can also claim to be Britney Spears circa “Toxic” or Gwnyeth Paltrow from the fabulous flop View from the Top). The best part — you have full reason to carry around tiny liquor bottles.

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6. J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons: It’s more specific than a prep (and more original than hipster), and as it seems it could work for attracting men or ladies. Bonus points if you bring around nail polish and paint boys’ fingernails all evening.

7. Member of the 99 or the 1 percent: Either costume is pretty easy to pull off (look very dirty or very clean and create signage expressing your viewpoint). You’ll either find someone who agrees with your stance, or someone who’s looking to spend the evening learning how the other percentile lives. Just don’t lead by saying you want to “Occupy their bedroom.” Way too obvious.

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8. The Rubber Man from American Horror Story: Hey, the guy scored with Connie Briton. It could work for you.

9. FBI Agent Bert Macklin: Chicks dig Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt (ask Anna Faris). But how do you add another sexy layer to the MouseRat lead singer? Make him an ass-kickin’ FBI agent. Choose to be in costume or undercover, it’s up to you.

10. Jordan Catalano: Did you read the above about emotionally unavailable men? Plus, all you really need for this is a flannel shirt (and your best bedroom eyes), and you’re set.

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