If you hook up on Halloween, might as well go all the way.

You Should Definitely Start Things Off With A Little Blood-Sucking
When’s the last time you just necked? Have you ever necked? Start things off slow on Halloween night by giving your partner a hickey worthy of Dracula himself.

You Should Definitely Do A Little Ghost Role-Play
You were lovers, but then he/she died tragically. After some shady dealings with the devil, you were granted one last night together. The issue? You can’t touch a ghost. (See how long you can keep that up.)

You Should Definitely Be Wearing Masks
Masks are just sexy — everyone knows this. What do you think Mardi Gras is actually all about? No one is going to complain if you go the typical Agent Provocateur route, with a lacy lingerie mask. But for those who want to engage in some truly scarring and terrifying Halloween sex, try this mask.

You Should Definitely Be Listening To Something Scary
Glamour has a pretty good “Scary Songs To Have Sex To” Playlist, but we think a Scary Sound Effects CD would work just as well. (You haven’t lived til you’ve given oral to the sound of a witch’s cackle.)

You Should Definitely Try Some Halloween Sex Positions
For example, AskMen.com suggests “The Sleepy Bat”: where one (athletic) partner hangs by his or her knees from a pull-up bar or especially sturdy shower, while the other partner stays standing. Then, you engage in 69-ing…like bats.

You Should Definitely Light Candles
But they should be creepy, black candles in candelabra that will turn your Ikea-furnished apartment into a lair for doing dark, dark deeds. (Like SEX.)

You Should Definitely Keep Your Costume On, If Possible
If you’re an adult, what is a Halloween costume if not an elaborate form of role play? On the morning of November 1st, it will become infinitely clear that you did not have sex with a French Maid/Superhero/Sex-Starved Zombie/Kate Middleton. But as long as it’s night, why break the illusion?

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