1. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka with twins
This one may be the easiest on the list. You and your boyfriend both just need to borrow, buy, or steal Baby Bjorns and then two babies. (The babies should probably be fake.) Wear sunglasses all night ’cause you are so Hollywood it hurts.

2. Cam & Mitchell and Lily
Dress up as your favorite Gay TV couple from Modern Family. Wear your JCrew best, and grab a cute Asian baby doll, or an Asian friend if you have one for a group costume.

3. Omar Little and any one of his boyfriends
You need some attitude, but still be lovable. Grab some shotguns, a trench coat, and your hot Brazilian boyfriend and hit the streets. Just remember to say, “You come at the king you best not miss” all night.

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4. Ace & Gary, The Ambiguously Gay Duo
This one is a little played out, but is it more played out than Batman & Robin? Probably not, plus it shows you have a sense of humor, plus you get to wear a speedo & tights.

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5. Brandy & Monica (Boy is Mine era)
Are you and your boyfriend ready for the ultimate teen diva-off? Carry around portable speakers, crank up your iPod, and sing The Boy is Mine all night. You won’t get tired of this — trust me.

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6. Nicki Minaj & Lil Kim
You and your boyfriend are known to fight in public and then make up at home? Well, then channel that passion into the ultimate Rap Diva cat fight. Carry around a copy of your favorite tweet from each diva or go all out and dress up just like them.

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7. Charlie Sheen and a Troll Doll
This could be the worst costume on this list, but if your boyfriend is a douchebag and you have a sense of humor this one is for you.

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8. Don Draper and Sterling Cooper
This one’s easy: You and your boyfriend must have suits and liquor, right? I mean, who doesn’t? If not, head over to Banana Republic (or your local thrift shop). Just don’t forget the liquor.

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9. Rick Grimes and a Zombie
Who doesn’t like a man in a uniform? This one is current and spooky at the same time. One of you, of course, has to be the zombie, but don’t be just any zombie — think “Sexy Zombie.”

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10. Any Before & After name pairing
Just this past week on Happy Endings, Max was fawning over a guy dressed up as ZZ Top Gun. Why not think of something similar? Lil Kim Jong-il or Chris Martin Luther King Jr. … you get the idea.

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