Sex toy company Adam and Eve just published a survey which indicates that 52% of American adults have had sex in public at some point in their lives.

According to the surveyed people who have had sex in public, these are the most popular spots:

1) Parked Cars (80%)

2) The Woods (55%)*

3) A Park (44%)

4) A Beach (42%)

5) Workplace/Office (25%)

6) Public Bathroom (22%)

7) Movie theater (16%)

8) Airplane (7%)

9) Church (5%)**

10) A Taxi (2%)

** Church?!

None of these places look especially appealing to me (public bathroom has never struck me as especially erotic) but I guess you sort of have to be in the moment.

Have you ever had sex somewhere public that didn’t make this list? Do tell!



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